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A skilled employment lawyer can be a difference-maker for a Phoenix business owner. Whether you are the owner of an established business or plan to launch a startup company, a Phoenix employment contract lawyer can draft customized contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and make timely contract revisions so you can achieve your goals. Employment contract lawyers can also represent employees who experience a loss due to an employer’s breach of contract.

Types of Employment Contracts

Employment contracts can be written, verbal, or even implied. There are multiple types of employment contracts that vary based on the employer’s needs, the worker’s status, and the nature of the work done. Some popular types of employment contracts include the following:

  • Full-time employment contracts
  • Part-time employment contracts
  • Freelance contracts
  • Union contracts
  • Executive contracts
  • Non-compete contracts
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What Needs to Be Included in an Employment Contract?

A sound employment contract should clearly outline the employer’s job expectations for the employee while also addressing how the employer will handle disputes and violations. While contents will vary based upon contract type, here are some of the primary elements included in most employment contracts:

  • The employee’s primary job responsibilities and role
  • The employment term, including starting date and timeline
  • Job compensation or rate of pay
  • Employment benefits, sick leave, and vacation policies
  • The employer’s methods of addressing disputes
  • A non-compete clause
  • A confidentiality agreement

Because Arizona is an “at-will” state that permits employers to terminate workers at any time and for any reason as long as that reason is not unlawful, it is wise for prospective employees to review contract details with a Phoenix employment lawyer prior to signing any type of agreement or contract.

What Happens if There Is a Breach of Employment Contract in Phoenix?

In Arizona, an employer can terminate an employee for failing to fulfill their contract requirements. On the flip side, there are also scenarios in which an employer fails to uphold their end of a contract with an employee. If this happens, the employee may be eligible to seek compensation from the employer.

If you enter into a contract with a party that fails to abide by contract requirements, you may suffer losses. But to seek compensation for those losses, you must prove that a breach of contract occurred. While a contract violation may seem quite obvious to you, it is not always easy to prove that a breach actually occurred. There are four elements you must show to prove that someone violated contract requirements:

  • The contract is valid: First, you must show the contract is valid and was entered into by someone who is legally eligible to sign a contract.
  • You upheld your part: Then, you must demonstrate that you upheld or intended to uphold your requirements as outlined in the contract.
  • The other party failed to uphold theirs: Next, you must show the other party did not sufficiently uphold their part of the contract.
  • You suffered a loss: Finally, you must show that you suffered a loss as a result of the alleged contract breach.

Employment contract lawyers are trained to carefully review contracts and employment situations in painstaking detail to identify any evidence that a contract violation occurred. They can determine whether the contract was partially breached or breached as a whole and present evidence to prove your case. An experienced lawyer can also help you seek compensation for the losses you suffered as a result of the breach.

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How Can a Phoenix Contract Lawyer Help?

A Phoenix employment contract lawyer can provide support, guidance, and legal services to both employers and employees. Here are some specific ways a knowledgeable employment attorney can provide support:

  • Draft contracts: A contract lawyer can draft a new employment contract from scratch to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Negotiate contract details: A contract lawyer can work with other parties involved to ensure your rights are protected.
  • Review components: A lawyer can review an employment contract to ensure it is clear and comprehensive.
  • Ensure compliance: A skilled lawyer will ensure a contract complies with Arizona employment law.
  • Prove a breach of contract: A contract lawyer can review your employment situation and gather evidence to prove a breach occurred.
  • Handle non-compete violations: A lawyer will fight for your rights when a non-compete violation hinders your organization.

If you own a business and need a legal expert to develop employment contracts, or if you are an employee who has suffered losses due to a breach of contract, contact a Phoenix employment contract lawyer today for a free, confidential consultation.


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frequently asked question

Do You Need a Lawyer for an Employment Contract?

Arizona law does not require you to have a lawyer to sign an employment contract. However, a lawyer is strongly recommended. An Arizona employment contract lawyer will guide you through the process from start to finish. Here are some key reasons to seek the services of a lawyer before signing an employment contract:

  • Explain contract language: A lawyer can explain complex contract legalese in clear, simple language.
  • Spot contract loopholes: A skilled attorney can easily spot glaring oversights and subtle omissions.
  • Suggest modifications: A lawyer can recommend changes to ensure your rights are protected and the contract is ironclad.
Are Employment Agreements Legally Binding?

Some employment agreements in Arizona are legally binding while others are not. An employment agreement must meet one or all of the following criteria to be categorized as a legally binding contract:

Can My Employer Change My Employment Contract?

Yes. Because Arizona is an at-will employment state, your employer can change your employment contract at any time as long as the modification is not unlawful or a breach of the original agreement. Here is an example: Your employer originally hired you to work four 10-hour shifts per week and suddenly decides to schedule you for five eight-hour shifts per week. If you refuse to work the fifth shift, your employer is able to fire you.

The single best way to protect your rights is to consult with one of our accomplished Arizona employment contract lawyers. With an experienced lawyer guiding you through the contract review and signing process, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your employment rights and best interests are protected.

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